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Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Bar Mitzvah is known as the Jewish coming of age rites. Bar is a Jewish Babylonian Aramaic word, which means son. In Hebrew it means Ben and Mitzvah is a law and a commandment. This ritual is done in accordance to the laws of the Jews, when Jewish boys turn thirteen in age, they become responsible for their actions and become a Bar Mitzvah.

The Bar Mitzvah is  a ritual of passage from being considered incapable to properly understand the Torah to being well thought out to be old enough to start to understand and thus for boys are to be treated more like grownups.
Gifts are normally given at Bar Mitzvah. They are normally given during the reception, not at the service itself. Please remember that a bar Mitzvah is integrated into an ordinary Sabbath service, and a lot of people that are there at the service may not be participating in the bar Mitzvah.

The nature of the gift varies much depending on the community. At one time, the basic gifts were a college savings bond or just a nice pen set. Money is often handed in multiples of 18, which comprise of both good fortune and the Jewish symbol of Chai, which means "life”. In a lot of communities today, however, the gifts are the same kind that you would give any child for his 13th birthday. It is most favorable to avoid religious gifts if you are not sure of what you need to give, but Jewish-themed gifts are not a bad idea. For instance, you could give a book that is a biography of a Jewish person that the celebrant might look up to.

If you are not sure of what the child has or would want to have, you may ask the parents for suggestions or ask a Rabbi for a special idea. Religious gifts can as well be given in conjunction with a charitable donation or money. Typically Jewish gifts like a tefillin, Kiddush cup or Tallit are given by the parents, grandparents or other close family ties, so it's typically a good idea not to buy those items as gifts.
Give a gift to the child from his religion. There are many online and specialty retailers that sell handmade gifts or foreign gifts from Israel to give the child, such as Shabbat candles, Dreidels and menorahs.

Traditional birthday gifts are accepted to give to a child for his Bar Mitzvah. Choose a gift that a child would be interested in, such as jewelry, electronics, books, or music. The festivity is held on the child’s birthday, so he might delight a less custom Bar Mitzvah gift.
As the bar Mitzvah ceremonial occasion is a milestone life-cycle event in the life of a Jewish boy and is the culmination of years of study, it is really not the final stage of a boy's Judaic education. It merely marks off the start of a lifetime of Jewish learning, study and involvement in the Jewish community.