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Bat Mitzvah Gifts

Bat Mitzvah is known as the  "coming of age" for Jewish girls. At age of twelve, they are now considered old enough to take on the responsibility to observe the Jewish laws and pattern. For instance, girls observing the Judaic custom will now go on fasting during the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), which is the most blessed day in the Judaic calendar year and lead the benedictions in the home. In some non-Orthodox communities the girls will participate in a public religious ritual and read from the Torah. The ceremonial occasion is what most people denote as the bat Mitzvah and it normally happens when the girl turns twelve or thirteen.

The ceremonial occasion is where the bat Mitzvah girl will be asked to go to the bimah (the front of the temple) and will execute the benedictions and read from the Torah. She could read or even chant the whole Torah portion (from Moses’ Five Books) and Haphtarah (choices from the Prophets Book) and might even give a d'var Torah, a philosophical elaboration of what she had read from the Torah. This is not just a small undertaking! Girls took time studying for many years in preparation for her Bat Mitzvah.

Gifts are typically given to a Bat Mitzvah after the service, during the reception. You can give any gifts suitable for a thirteen year old girl. Money is also normally given as a gift on a bat Mitzvah. It has become the practice of a lot of families to donate a part of any monetary gift to a charity chosen by the girl who just had her Bat Mitzvah, with the balance  added to the college fund of the child or imparting to other additional Jewish education programs she may go to.
Gift Ideas for Bat Mitzvah
Jewelry: Jewelry is a particularly well-known Bat Mitzvah gift. Traditional jewelry items include the seal ring, which is customized to have the honoree’s name or initials. Other well-known jewelry items consist of the Star of David symbol that comes in different forms and styles.
Money: If you are not sure on what to give, money is always valued and wholly accepted. It is advisable to write a bank check for an amount of money that is a multiple of eighteen. The number is the numerical value of the word Chai, which means life and any contribution or monetary gift is traditionally made in a multiple of this sum. The multiple that you decide upon is up to you and needs to be associated to your own budget and relation to the honoree.

The Gift of Charity: The most sensible gift is the gift of Tzedakah or giving a donation to a Jewish charity in the name of the Bat Mitzvah honoree.
Electronics: A lot of youngsters would love to receive the newest electronic gadget. Whether you choose a digital camera, cell phone, iPod or iPad, you will most certainly succeed in choosing a useful and modern gift.
Some other gift ideas that would be appropriate to gift a girl at her Bat Mitzvah are Jewish Jewelry, Hanukkah menorah, Shabbat candlesticks, and cool design gifts.