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Hanukkah menorah is one of the most popular Judaica items and many people even collect them. Lit Hanukkah menorahs fill the Jewish home with light and joy many Contemporary designers have created Hanukkah menorahs in various styles from assorted materials such as wood, metals, glass and more. Hanukkah menorahs are often very colorful, which well matches the joyful spirit of this special holiday. Hanukkah menorahs make wonderful gifts for housewarmings, weddings or other festive occasions in the Jewish home.

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Hanukkah miracle
During the Second Temple, Achspsta Kingdom Greece Israel, cut off the religious decrees: who will study the Torah, eat pork, cancel hope word Saturday sacrificial worship in the temple. And Israel in big trouble.

And when we gave our hearts to give their lives to the Torah, and felt sorry for them the God of their fathers, their sons and founded the Hasmonean Hasidim, who rose to fight the Greeks Onyitzhoma. Went to the temple, cleansed the Temple from all impurity of idolatry introduced where the Gentiles.

When they came to renew the work of the Temple, did not find pure oil to light the lamp, but a jug of oil in it to light one night. They became a miracle, and lit from it for eight days until they made a new pure oil. Evening resumed the lighting was daylight lamp as Abachslio. Memory of Hans increased them to hate God, in memory of joy returned to the Torah devotion, to commemorate the miracle for them - enough oil for eight days instead of one - decided the fate of Hashmonaim the eight days from the day as Abachslio on, the days of Hanukkah - to thank and to praise and light candles in their homes.

Hanukkah Prayer
Eight of these days say "the miracles" in prayer and blessings of food. If not, he said - not back him. And say "praise" pay in prayer, and welcome the praise of all Israel, even those who do not welcome the saying of Hallel on Rosh Chodesh. Reading from the Torah to mention the dedication of the altar.

What light candles?
Mitzvah of the Chanukah candles elite pure olive oil and wicks of cotton, because that light Zach, and he remembered candle lamp lit with olive oil. But also all other pure oils and wicks that light blinking - are acceptable lighting. Kosher and candle making wax, milk or paraffin.

Fat gives a candle wick should be in fancy, as if its metal or glass, sleek and clean. Ceramic candle is not kosher to turn but once, while still new. Lit at once, is not kosher Mouse to turn next.

Wick lit her one night, the court may also turn in tomorrow, and the law allowed the oil or paraffin wax candle remnants, permitted use of the Hanukkah candle tomorrow.
Room lighting
Light candles in homes, instead make them look embryos ways to publicize the miracle. Days of our ancestors, who were facing windows houses the public domain, fixed to light the doorways of their homes or facing doorways Ahcariam the public domain. Israel now do most of the light in the windows facing the street, and that there is regulation of the Sages. Were all at home a lot of windows facing the street - turn on only one window. But if the windows facing two different streets - turn on both, which pass through one street lighting do not know the other street-facing window .

Most of the installation was to light every evening from eight of these days one candle for each family. Glatt added back commandments, as the custom of all Israel, to light one candle the first night and every night adds a candle and goes until he turns on the eighth night eight candles. Middle committees of Spain Hanukkah lamp lit one for each family, and Ashkenaz Compiler Chanukah menorah lit per male member of the household. Yet even in those sectors were women, though not used to light a lamp individually, but when there's people at home.

How cool
First night one candle lights, adding one candle each night, the eighth night lights eight candles (this is the opinion of Beit Hillel, and went. Gave a sign of: Hanukkah - initials - H candles and went to Hillel).

He had a regular lamp with eight candles the first night extreme lighting the candle on the right. The next day, adds to his neighbor left turn on him first, and turn to right turn on that of yesterday. And every night, always adds a turn to the left first, and go light up from left to right.

Taste it, because the additional candle is nice, because he remembered the miracle seemed to overcome that day, so turn it first. And is included in everything of commands, all corners (turns) face, there is no appeal but to the right.

The candles will be lit in one line worth, not one high and one low, one enters and one leaves, not a circle. If there is nothing Mpsiak between looking candle candle fire - was not by duty. And should have enough space between the candle and the candle so that it would hold a flame for this, and the heat of a candle is not Yms the wax or other's milk.
Power pools
The first night, first turns welcomes three blessings: "Blessed are You, Elkin, King of the world .. Light a candle of Hanukkah; Palestine Am"ah made miracles for our forefathers in those days at this time; Palestine Am"ah Shehecheyanu we had enabled us to reach this time - and lights. Other nights welcomes only the first two blessings and welcomes in our lives. Raped and lit a Hanukkah candle the first night - welcome in our lives, for the first time he's cool.

Candles are lit each night another candle on the Hanukkah candles, and is called 'sun', that this candle is allowed to use it, to see the light, turn from it to others and so on, while candles light must not be used as long as they are on precept. So turn on the sun, so that will benefit from the mitzvah, but it only. And set a special place candle sun, and will be in line with the rest of the candles to be in substantial Shner is not from the commandment. Should also make sure to be in a different light from the candle in the other foreign.

Do not light a candle candle, that is, Chanukah candle users do not even light a candle for him at the lamp, but all the candle lights the sun or another candle.

When the lighting should be all family members gather, publishing miracle.

Then he lit the first candle, while he lights the other candles, saying "these candles," etc.. Final turn - sing Hanukkah song, each as usual.
Power hour
Hanukkah candle lighting time immediately Nightfall, but in retrospect, to turn all night kosher, so long that his youth. Custom of the Vilna Gaon and many do - light a candle for Hanukkah at sundown and before Ma'ariv. Raped and turned up very late, and everything old and can not be Loakicm publication no miracle - turns on and does not welcome. Passed the night and turned on - no payments, and lights like the rest tomorrow each individual.

Half an hour before candle lighting time, not eating regularly eat and drink any intoxicating beverage. When it came to power - even forbidden to study Torah Chanukah to light a candle, and immediately when they pray Ma'ariv stars and lights. Some say Arab prays before nightfall or the power, turning on her day better.

The candles must burn for half an hour, so when you need enough power to give oil to half an hour. Crush at sunset to give oil to fire at least fifty minutes, that is half an hour after nightfall.

Lit candles and oil to give them half an hour, even when the lighting added fuel - not out of obligation to the mitzvot, but turns off lights for a second time (no greeting). By the main team as he Hanukkah candle lighting, and from the time candle lighting should be in oil rate in half an hour.

Oil has given more than the rate - may blow out the candles after half an hour to keep it to turn of tomorrow or to enjoy another pleasure, and should make to begin with could benefit from the limit. Some say that blow out the candles, but at a pinch. Leftover wicks last night - can not enjoy them but do have a fire Vshurafne; but if conditioned them to begin with - is allowed.

Candle lay within a lesson - should turn on again, and welcome again. If not back lit - out by duty.

Chanukah - as long as he is on, even after half an hour, forbidden to use the light, and should not shake up, but turn it off first and then makes use of it.

At first light Saturday night Chanukah candle candle and then Saturday, and should give a lot of oil candle to ignites a half hour after the stars.

Doing Saturday night Havdalah over wine first, then turn. Some say the contrary, each driving manner of his ancestors. And the synagogue, Hanukkah candles practice before and then differentiate.
Who must turn?
Chanukah candle must all, men and women. Nine-year-old small, if not Madalikin him - although he has the lighting of the candle.

Ben with his father turns on itself, and give each one of the candles in a special place. Sephardic communities is usually not cool, but cool head of the family for the whole family.

Guest in the house, if he has a special place at home - turn on its own (and some say that if you turn on him at home - turn on without a greeting), if not - participate in a song with the landlord her duty lighting landlord. If he has a candle - worthy to light his own.

Synagogue Chanukah candle lit between Mincha and congratulate the lighting. Lit candles in the synagogue and blessed - come home, come back and lights a welcome (and have to light any place where people regularly gather, since publication of Hans). Fresh guess synagogue Chanukah Wall South.

A place that turn a few people, must give considerable space between the candles of the candle of this is to be in substantial some candles lit each.

Chanukah candle mitzvah, commandment is very nice. One must be careful to inform and add Praise God miracle - to thanks him for the miracles he did for us. Even he had nothing to eat except from charity - or sell Lesotho asks oil lamps and lights takes.

"If he does not have but a penny, in front of the sanctification of the day (Saturday) Hanukkah candle - ahead to buy oil to light Chanukah Kiddush wine the day before. Since both the words of writers - should anticipate having a Hanukkah candle in memory of the miracle" (Rambam, end The Laws of Chanukah).
Synagogue fire
Cool in the synagogue before the evening prayer and bless the bonfire, and back each and lights in his house, and leave the candles lit in the synagogue. Yet some say in the synagogue who greeted the first night - do not come back and bless "our lives" at home. Back and light morning for morning prayers at the synagogue, and welcome.

Hanukkah- also known as the "festival of lights"- is a Jewish eight-day holiday, occurring on the 25th day of Kislev (the 3rd month in the Hebrew calendar).
Hanukkah commemorates the rededication of the second Temple in Jerusalem, after the successful Jewish revolt against the Seleucid monarchy.
According to Jewish mythology, when the Maccabeaus entered the temple they  found enough pure olive oil to light the menorah only for one day, but the oil miraculously lasted eight days.
That's why the primary Hanukkah commandment is the candle-lighting ritual which is done using the Hanukkah Menorah- a nine branched candelabrum. Each night of the holiday a single candle must be lighted, as the ninth branch of the Hanukkah Menorah which called "Shamash" and is higher than the rest, designated for a candle used to light all the others.
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