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Life Cycle Plaques

Throughout the year, the Jew has opportunities to pray, bless and acknowledge his gratitude to G-d. Dorit Klein has captured these feelings in a magnificent series of wall hangings that are breathtakingly, touching the mind, heart and soul. Although the familiar pomegranates, dove and tree symbol are repeated in most of them, each picture is unique, a creative expression of devotion to the wealth of Jewish tradition.

Canaan Online brings you a selection of her Life Cycle Plaques. They include blessings for the home and the new month; prayers for teachers, doctors and parents; and a declaration of gratitude to G-d for His many kindnesses. Anyone of these plaques will make a magnificent gift to present to a loved one, to your Synagogue, school or youth club. It will always be cherished and respected for the message it conveys.
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