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Appropriate Gifts on Jewish Occasions

Judaica art is a wonderful source for unique Jewish gifts that anyone would love to have. On what Jewish occasions is it customary to give Judaica gifts to a Jewish person?

There are several major events in the life of a Jewish person for which it is customary to give and receive gifts, especially those of a symbolic nature.Gifts with symbolic nature often include Jewish-themed gifts such as Hanukkah menorah, Tallit, religious books, protective talismans.

If you've been invited to a Jewish occasion, you might ask yourself an important , what kind of gift should I bring?   Every Jewish occasion has its own appropriate gifts. Here' s a short guide to Jewish occasions and appropriate Jewish gifts.

Invited to a Brit? Here's what you need to know. In Jewish tradition, when a son is born in a Jewish family, a ritual of circumcision is held on the eighth day after the child's birth. This act symbolizes the eternal bond between God and the people of Abraham.
Popular gifts on these kind Jewish occasions would include Judaica gifts that are appropriate for a baby shower such as family blessings, Hanging Hamsa hand and special baby's luck charms.

Famous Jewish occasions - Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah
On the 13th birthday, the Jewish boy will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. Jewish girls who celebrate their Bat Mitzvah a year earlier at the age of 12. Bar or Bat Mitzvah a coming of age event that celebrates the Jewish child's physical and mental maturity.

Given the significance of the event in the life of any Jewish person, it is common to give a special gift on these meaningful Jewish occasion. Bar Mitzvah gifts are usually given at the Bar Mitzvah celebration, and often includes Judaica gifts that mark his becoming an active part in religious life, such as Tefilin, Tallit, books with religious texts and Jewish jewelry accessories. Bat Mitzvah celebrants receive similar kinds of gifts as the boys .

Others would prefer to give the celebrant savings bonds, usually given in multiples of 18. For young girls, Judaica art offers a variety of stunning Jewish jewelry: pendants with religious symbols such as the Star of David and jewelry with Hebrew inscriptions.

Jewish Weddings
The Jewish wedding might be the most unique of all Jewish occasions. If you've been invited to a Jewish wedding, then better prepare yourself to a very special ceremony.

Under the canopy or the Huppah, the bride and groom share a mutual and sacred promise, exchange rings . At the end, the groom smashes a glass to the cheering audience . In such Jewish occasions as weddings and anniversaries, it is customary to give fine gifts that are also practical for the young couple, especially of domestic use, for example: Shabbat candlesticks, Hanukkah Menorah or other ritual items for the holidays and the daily life such as a Seder plate and Mezuzah cases. Jewelry and art, such as silver pendant for the bride are excellent gift ideas.