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Judaica importance

Judaica is a tangible expression of spiritual feelings. This is different Jewish symbols, as well as various art objects touching the Jewish religion. Whether it is important ritual symbols such as Shabbat candlesticks, menorahs, Hamsas or various art objects such as paintings with a connection to Judaism, Judaica is an important part in the lives of many Jews. Whether Jews believe or not, many Jews feel a significant connection to the Jewish tradition. This is an ancient tradition, which most of us feel we are an integral part. By Judaica , we allow ourselves to connect to this ancient tradition. Judaica reminds us of our sources, the ancestors and the tradition to which we belong. Of course, the significance of even greater Judaica for religious Jews, for Judaica allows us to material and tangible sense of Jewish spirituality. Judaism devotes much attention to things that accompany it, so without Judaica religious person can not make the proper rituals. For all these reasons, it is very important to create Judaica which is also a spiritual value as well as artistic value, since aesthetic sense still exists in any person. When we have an aesthetic and emotional connection to a particular object, this connection makes it easier for us to feel and receive the spiritual meaning inherent in that object.

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Importance of Judaica for Jews in Israel

We live in a Jewish state, so naturally we are surrounded by various Judaica. When it comes to various Jewish holidays, you can see the streets of symbols such as Hanukkah menorahs, different representations of apples and honey or the head of a fish and so on. Also, we are constantly surrounded by shops selling Judaica such as Jewish jewelry, Mezuzahs, Hamsa hand & different paintings. Therefore, Judaica is actually part of the lives of Israeli citizens, whether people believe or secular people. You can not deny the strong ties we have to Jewish tradition, because we were citizens in a Jewish state. Many people choose to decorate their homes in various Judaica, because these objects helps them feel a spiritual connection to Jewish tradition. But even if you do not belong to this group, you must be hard to deny that there is a strong emotional connection is very basic to the existing built Judaica, not least emotion based on childhood memories are pleasant.

Importance of Judaica for the Jewish Diaspora

Because the Jews living outside Israel are constantly surrounded by objects Judaica Jewish customs which we are accustomed to them, many feel a strong need to surround themselves in various Judaica of context in order to strengthen the Jewish tradition and their personal history. Many Diaspora Jews are observant Jews, descendants of previous generations, and by maintaining these Judaica Jews feel that they maintain direct contact with their past. Spiritual connection is especially important in places where Jews often feel ostracized, alienated or lost their identity as Jewish