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Canaan Online Judaica store - Judaica gifts manufactured in Israel, afford an even greater level of giving. What better gift to give, than one that has been designed and manufactured by Jewish artisans, living in the Land of Israel. The Artisans presented on Canaan-Online Judaica store are among the most talented Israeli Artists, each and every one committed to the art of Judaism. With every purchase you make, you are helping to support Israeli citizens and strengthen the economy of the State of Israel.

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Judaica store
Judaica Store
Recent years have shown a growing popularity of Judaica artworks all around the world. Many of the best known names in the field of Judaica art live and work in Israel. Judaica art has become a center of gravitation for contemporary Judaica artists drawn to the fascinating and ancient world of Jewish faith and culture. These contemporary Judaica artists elegantly deliver the 2000 years old Jewish heritage with their own imagination, while adding a modern twist. Judaica art makes a wonderful source of original Jewish gifts that carry symbolism of the Jewish culture. Here at Canaan online bring you an exclusive collection of unique Judaica artworks by Israel's finest artists. Judaica history >

The origins of Judaica art can be traced centuries ago. The bible (the book of Exodus) tells us about a Hebrew craftsman named Bezalel who made handcrafted religious objects. Throughout history Judaica art has become a wonderful way for Jewish people to express their love and admiration for religious ritual : this way away to show that God's commandments are accepted with love and not as a burden. Judaica art has also allowed the believers to express their fascination with the world of aesthetics and beauty. Many people around the world, even non-Jews, collect Judaica artworks, whether for religious purposes or as part of their art collections.

What does Judaica art include? Judaica art covers many kinds of ceremonial objects. Judaica means everything that is related to Judaism. When we say Judaica art, we refer to a wide range of religious objects used in religious rituals. This group also includes ornamental objects that include Jewish motifs, such as Jewish jewelry accessories. Most common Judaica items in the religious objects category include:Hanukkah menorahs, Mezuzah cases, Passover Seder plates, Shabbat candlesticks and much more. The field of Judaica art has responded to changing social norms. For example, Judaica artworks today give a special place to women. And so we can find Judaica artists who design special Tallits (Tallitot) for women and new feminist ritual articles, such as Miriam's cup that celebrates the significance of women in the bible.