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Judaica Art

Judaica is, in fact, Jewish Art. Because we live in a material and tangible, the spiritual world often integrates physical objects that symbolize different spiritual meanings. Such is the Judaica, because they are different objects related to Jewish tradition does not separate from it. Judaica includes any object related to Jewish tradition, whether domes, menorahs, candlesticks, head coverings and so on. Objects are numerous, and as citizens of Israel, we know these things in depth. But even Jews who live outside feel a strong connection to Israel Judaica different, since many of the Jews living in the diaspora feel that this is their personal connection to tradition that is not part of daily life where they live. Therefore, Judaica is very meaningful to Jews around the world. This is a real art form, for Judaica requires many artistic skills, whether it's jewelry, knitting, embroidery or even painting. Judaica is a Jewish connection between the physical and the spiritual, so it is very important to many believers. We can see our own divine literature, various Judaica artifacts allow us to approach these spiritual meanings and make them seen more.

Judaica and its implications for Jews living in exile

There are more Jews living in exile than Jews living in Israel. We who live in the Jewish state, conduct our lives as part of a tradition - be it in observance of the Sabbath various work, national celebration of Jewish holidays and the use of Hebrew. Of course, we also are surrounded by various Judaica. Jews living in the diaspora often feel that have lost their context and Judaism, because these traditions are not retained the overall environment in which they live. They speak foreign languages, resting on Sundays and live in celebrating holidays from other religions. Therefore, they feel that it is important to keep Jewish traditions in their personal lives. These people devote great importance Judaica, and often a full house a wide variety of Judaica. There are no Jews living in exile and manage large collections of Judaica , to enable them to keep in touch with their religion and tradition.

Judaica her work

Create Judaica requires two important elements: the first is artistic talent, and second, equally important, is the contact and connection to Jewish tradition. The artists creating Judaica spiritual aura to give meanings to objects they create, so they must be connected to Jewish tradition and history of Judaica in general. Judaica Jewish life is very important, so these artists recognize the importance and know that these things sometimes they create will be saved for many years and will serve as a tool important in maintaining the Jewish religion and tradition for a man, a family or institution

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