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In recent years, Kabbalah jewelry has claimed a special place within the Jewish jewelry niche. Kabbalah jewelry often draws on symbols from the Jewish tradition, such as the Star of David, Hamsa hand, fish and other motifs that are traditionally believed to banish the evil eye. Additionally, Judaica jewelry designers give special attention to the Kabbala's spiritual tools and sacred texts. Many Kabbalah jewelry accessories are inscribed with Hebrew words that have Kabbalist meaning, such as the 72 names of God. These spiritual keys, according to the Kabbalah, release energies that enhance positive changes in our lives. Here at Canaan Online, we bring you a broad selection of Kabbalah pendants, rings and bracelets in various materials and styles to perfectly match your personal taste and needs.
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Kabbalah jewelry - beauty and meaning combined

The Kabbalah means "reception" in Hebrew and refers to the oral laws and traditions passed down through the centuries. Over time, the teaching of the Kabbalah took on a mystical meaning and the study of the Kabbalah became the study of the relationships between God, Man and the Universe.

Alongside the oral and written teaching of the Kabbalah, over time a number of symbols evolved that have great meaning and influence on our lives. Many of these ancient symbols are today incorporated into fine pieces of Kabbalah jewelry designed and crafted by devoted artists with skill, love and intent. Purchasing a piece of Kabbalah jewelry for yourself or for a loved one, can have a great impact on your life.

Kabbalah jewelry, incorporating symbols and texts from the Kabbalah and other Jewish writings, has become increasingly popular over the past decade. As more and more people become aware of the Kabbalah and the influence it can have on our lives, so the demand for meaningful Kabbalah jewelry grows.

Kabbalah jewelry is like no other Designing and making Kabbalah jewelry is no simple matter. The artist must have a deep awareness and understanding of the Kabbalah and of the meanings and attributes behind the symbols he incorporates into his Kabbalah jewelry. He must
know exactly how to craft each piece of Kabbalah jewelry for often a specific combination of metals, or a specific time period is needed to impart the Kabbalah jewelry with its power. Most importantly, he must create each piece of Kabbalah jewelry with intent and belief.

Kabbalah jewelry motifs
There are a number of traditional motifs that reoccur in Kabbalah jewelry:

Ana Becoach is a first century prayer that includes the 72 names of God. The prayer consists of seven, six word lines. Kabbalah jewelry based on the prayer uses the first letter from each line - 42 in all and is a symbol of success, courage and protection. This Kabbalah jewelry’s intention is to help you have a successful life and overcome your fears. Another motif of Kabbalah jewelry is the Tree of Life which is designed to bring love and harmony into your life.

The Merkaba is an ancient kabbalistic form that uses the life force energy within our bodies. Wearing Kabbalah jewelry that incorporates the Merkaba, allows us to live a balanced, loving, healthy and connected life.
Another unique piece of Kabbalah jewelry is made from five metals - copper, tin, lead, pure gold and finally, silver. This Kabbalah jewelry can only be made on one day of the month and is a potent symbol of prosperity and achievement.
The “Hamsa” or "Hand of God" is well known symbol incorporated in Kabbalah jewelry. This is an ancient symbol that protects the wearer from harm and evil.

Believe it - or not
Regardless of your views about the Kabbalah, modern Kabbalah jewelry combines ancient traditions with modern design and fine craftsmanship. Kabbalah jewelry is functional and beautiful and will bring pleasure to wearer, whatever they think about the Kabbalah.