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Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah is a Jewish philosophical theology. It is centered on the belief that each accent, word, number and letter of the Torah holds keys to understanding the world and humankind. Much of Kabbalah is derived from a text called the Zohar, which is the “ Book of Splendor” in Hebrew written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.
According to some sources, Talismans and charms have existed since the dawn of history. Their aim was to give emotional protection for people, success in their attempts and good things a person could want for one’s self and for their family.

Kabbalah pendants are engraved with scriptures in the Kabbalah that bless the wearer with full recovery, fertility, health, safe income,  or other blessings.
The original Hebrew language is known for its exceptional powers so it works directly on one’s subconscious mind. A lot of people believe that Hebrew is the mother script from which all scripts are developed. According to Kabbalah, it is forbidden for the person who wears it, to be acquainted with the content and the code’s meaning in the talisman, merely just for the purpose for which it is designated.

A person who would like to gain benefit from the Kabbalah Jewelry must be aware of the fact that he is carrying with him a blessed jewelry and “regard” it as such. The purpose here is that he or she gives the talisman a chance to help. A lot of Kabbalah jewelry has Hebrew writings, but there are those that make use of what they call the “Angel script" or “Kabbalistic writing” . The combinations of the Kabbalah symbols and scriptures are intended to assist in solving a problem or in getting a wish answered.
Talismans can be written on any material because the letters are the active element, yet  copper, gold, leather and silver have energies that back up the writing. So it is important to keep in mind the material from which the talisman is created.

Gold is from the sphere of law, and helps only those who deserve to be helped. It will either provide you very strong support or none at all. Silver that comes from the sphere of Grace, helps without any limits. Copper belongs to the sphere of essences which gives and takes equally, making it a sure platform for writing talismans.
Putting on a thin red string is a tradition, popularly thought to be affiliated with the Kabbalah, to fend off misfortune brought about by an ”evil eye” . The red string is typically made out of a thin wool thread, which is tied on the left wrist like a bracelet, which is the receiving side of the heart and soul, sealing off protective energy inside, while fending off negative energies from the outside of the body. It is thought that the left arm vein links to the heart and when the string falls off, the dreams of the wearer comes true.

Whether or not you believe in the  Kabbalah jewelry, wearing it can’t hurt. Furthermore, being worn - the Kabbalah jewelry links up with your wish and reminds you of it, hence influences you to work on your goal, consciously or unconsciously, more frequently.