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Matzah plates
Matzah plates make most unique Passover gifts that anyone would love to have. Within our exclusive collection of modern Judaica gifts, you can find Matzah plates in assorted materials and styles. A Maztah plate is a wonderful way to enhance your Seder!
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Fused Glass Matza Plate
matzah holder
Matza Stand by Dorit- Pomegranate Matza Stand by Dorit- Arches Crazed Wood White and Silver Plate Matza Tray
Pewter Square Matzah Tray Pewter Square Pewter Matzah Tray The Ripple Effect Matzah Plate by Laura Cowan
Magnetic Matza Tray by Laura Cowan Magnetic Matza Tray by Laura Cowan Sleek Stainless Steeel Matzah Tray by Laura Cowan

Matzah Plates- Unique Jewish Gifts for Passover

Passoveris observed by millions of Jews from various communities across the world. During Passover Seder, all members of the family usually with friends gather around the table to remember ancient miracles.

In recent years, as Judaicafield has evolved, it has become a popular custom to buy Passover gifts for the home or to the hosts. Popular Passover gifts include Seder platesand kitchenware. Passover Seder plate is the most common of all Passover gifts. However, there's also another great option available as a gift for Passover - a Matzah plate. Contemporary Judaica artistshave made a huge contribution to the growing number of unique Matzah plates that add festivity and glamour to the Passover table.

Passover and Matzo- why do we eat Matzah during this Jewish holiday?
Jewish people eat Matzah or matzo to commemorate the hasty escape of the Hebrews from the land of Egypt thousands of years ago. As told by the Bible and the Hagaddah the Israelites escaped from the hands of Pharaoh and did not have enough time to let their bread rise. During the days of Passover Jewish people avoid eating bread or any kind of food made of flour. This kind of forbidden foods is called chametz. Instead, Jews eat Matzah which is a special kind of flat bread.

Matzah on Passover table
Passover dinner is often held with many family members and guests who gather around the table for the re-telling of the story of Exodus. This ancient tradition of reliving the story of Exodus cherishes the miracles that God brought to the Israelites in Egypt and celebrates the day on which the Torah was given to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai. All traditional foods on the Passover ritual meal play an important part in the retelling of the Hagaddah.

Matzahs are placed on the table on a special tray during the Seder and are eaten later on. Part of the Matzah , called Afikoman, is kept hidden from the children as part of a game meant to keep the children alert.

Matzah Plates in Judaica artwork
Matzah plates make a wonderful option for unique Passover gifts. Matzah is the seventh ceremonial food eaten during the Passover dinner and in the eight days of the holiday. In similar to Judaica designs of Passover Seder Plates, Matzah plates can be beautiful artworks. A Matzah plate will often include traditional Jewish motifs as the seven species. It is also common to find Seder Plates Matzah plates and Matzah covers in matching designs.

People enjoy giving and receiving Matzah plates and Seder plates because they make a practical and meaningful gifts that also adds festivity to this holiday in keeping with the principle of hiddur mitzvah. Hiddur mitzvahis a Jewish principle that reflects the Talmudic idea that God's commandment should not only be observed, but also glorified.

A Matzah Plate can be made from assorted materials, including metals, wood or glass. Here at Canaan Online we bring you Matzah plates in authentic designs. Each Matzah plate is designed by an Israeli artist and meets the highest quality standards.