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Hamsa Hand Mezuzah Passover Pomegranates
Michal Ben Yosef
Canaan Online takes pride in bringing to the notice of its world-wide family of customers, the creative activity of Israel’s leading Judaica artists. Today, many have become household names and their items are collectors’ pieces.
Meet ceramic specialist MICHAL BEN YOSEF who works and breathes - Israel. In the rural area where she lives, plants and animal life provide inspiration for the motifs and colors that are the signature theme of her work. In the field of Judaica, her art creations express sensitivity for the soul of the Jewish People and its holy texts.
All MICHAL BEN YOSEF’s products are handcrafted and kiln-fired, giving them an individual touch and strong durability. With daring creativity, she often leaves a portion of her work unglazed, highlighting the beauty and texture of raw pottery.
Although her products are displayed in museums and galleries all over the world, the authentic expression of Michal’s creativity is in the many homes where her items are enjoyed and appreciated for their timeless beauty and functional use.

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Pomegranate by Michal Ben Yosef Pomegranate by Michal Ben Yosef Pomegranate by Michal Ben Yosef