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Shabbat Candlesticks by Yealat Chen
Lighting the Shabbat candles and ushering in the holy Shabbat is the sacred privilege of the Jewish woman. As she covers her eyes and recites the blessing and utters her most heartfelt wishes and prayers, she banishes the darkness of the world and welcomes into her home the pristine spirit of Shabbat. ...Read more at the end of the page
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Throughout the ages Judaic art has dedicated time, effort and money to produce candlesticks worthy of the prayers of the devout Jewish woman. Those that survived the are magnificent examples of Jewish art and have become priceless heirlooms, cherished possessions passed from mother to daughter along the generations.
In Israel, a new generation of talented Judaica artists is growing who use a wide range of techniques and materials to blend the past with contemporary art. Each artist brings to his work an echo of his ethnic past and cultural background. Styles and themes from far off places are revived and have become part of our national heritage.
One of these artists is Yealat Chen. Her Yemenite origin is strongly expressed in her magnificent selection of candlesticks. Her color themes and designs reflect her Oriental roots. No matter where she is, every woman will enjoy using Yealat Chen’s travelling Shabbat candlesticks. For home candlesticks, Yealat utilizes stone or gold filigree. Blue is a favorite color and there are the recurring themes of Star of David, pomegranate and Hamsa theme. We recommend that you look through the selection and savor the delicate grace of every Yealat Chen. Each one carries her inimitable style and handwork.
May your candle lighting always be an uplifting and joyful experience enriched with one of these beautiful candlesticks.