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Shraga Landesman

The growing interest in Judaica items has given impetus to Canaan Online to serve as a forum to introduce gifted Israeli artists to its world-wide family of customers.
An artist of growing popularity is SHRAGA LANDESMAN. He lives and works in Haifa and his work has been displayed in museums and galleries throughout Israel, Europe and the United States. His deep attachment to the People and Land of Israel, especially its sources, is expressed in the Judaica objects he creates using symbols from the ancient world. He specializes in the use of anodized aluminum. Inspired by the Bible and Biblical sources, many of his items carry Hebrew text in the ancient-style script. His range of Judaica includes Menorahs, Mezuzah, Seder plate and other items for Shabbat and the Holidays.
Artists like SHRAGE LANDESMAN have brought dignity to the field of Judaica items by creating traditional Jewish objects in a bold contemporary style. Their works of art demonstrate that even in a secular modern society, Judaism has dignity and relevance for all.

Passover Havdalah set Shabbat candlesticks Mezuzah case Rosh Hashanah Hanukkah Menorah
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Honey Dish Honey Dish Candlesticks Shraga Landesman Shabbat candle holders
Shraga Landesman Honey Dish Rosh Hashanah Honey bowls Honey Dish Mezuzah case
Honey Dish by Shraga Landesman
List Price:$69.00
Mezuzah case hanukkah menorah Rosh Hashana Plate hanukkah menorah
Mezuzah case Mezuzah case Shabbat Candlesticks Seder plate
Seder plate Seder plate Seder plate Seder plate
hanukkah menorah Spring passover Seder Plate Shabbat Candlesticks  Shraga Landesman Shabbat Candle holders  Shraga Landesman
Shabbat Candle holders  Shraga Landesman Kiddush Cup Olive Branch Mezuzah case by Shraga Landesman hanukkah menorah
Olive Branch Mezuzah case by Shraga Landesman Shabbat Candlesticks  Shraga Landesman shabbat set Havdalah set
hanukkah menorah hanukkah menorah hanukkah menorah Havdalah set Shraga Landesman