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Yealat Chen

In our rapidly changing world of advancing technology, mass production often threatens individual expression and obliterates the past. Yealat Chen, a gifted Judaica artist, living and working in Israel, brings her past with her. She is proud of her heritage deeply rooted in far off Yemen where Jews dominated the world of arts and crafts and were experts in the use of silver and precious metals – skills they brought to Israel when they arrived here in the 1950’s.

Yealat Chen uses contemporary materials and techniques to produce jewelry, home decorations and religious objects that are reminiscent of the art that was preserved for centuries in Yemen. Notice her use of filigree work, intricate gold and silver designs, detailed beading and the prominent blue and turquoise colors. In the world of modern Judaica, she has kept alive the ancient culture of Yemen.

At the same time, Yealat Chen ventures afield and gives expression to her individual creative skills. You will enjoy her youthful Mezuzah cases and the original design of her striking Hamsas. She has produced a wide range of travelling candlesticks that incorporate many Jewish themes. Venturing into the field of Jewish festivals, she has designed a range of delightful Menorahs and Chanukah spinning tops.

The Yealat Chen studio is located in the south of Israel – a welcome source of employment for this hard-hit area. She is enthusiastic about her work and the people of Israel. She tells us that she will continue to be inspired by her past in order to produce art for the present that will be a legacy for the future.

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