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Bat Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah in Jewish Tradition

1. Why 12? Why 13?

12 years old white girls and age 13 (the - the assumption that girls mature emotionally and physically just before boys), age of Jewish culture called 'team'. That is, the age in which boys and girls join the public debt subject to moral, social and spiritual. Described in the Bible is not a rite of maturation and a sole 13 is specifically mentioned Ishmael son of Abraham who was circumcised at this age. Midrash mentioned age 13 as age of growing acceptance of "a 5 Bible; 10 deputy; age 13 to exhaust; 15 Talmud ; 18 canopy; 20 chase; 30 power; 40 intelligence; 50 advice; 60 year old woman; 70 return; 80 heroism; was 90 and smeared; a 100 as if dead and moved to cancel the world ... "( Mishnah Avot Chapter Five year each). Law can be found in the statement that age a girl's legal responsibility to meet its promises regarding the duty is 12 (Bat mitzvah), while for boys - age 13 (Bar mitzvah). A different kind of index is determined according to the same period of adolescent physical adolescence. Signs of physical maturation were used as evidence both for the physical ability and mental ability and personal about for a team. 

2. What day can be edited and must Tefillin Torah?
According to Jewish tradition, reading the Torah is held four times a week - Monday and the morning and afternoon and Saturday morning. Tefillin not letting on Saturday, so a combination of Torah and tefillin on which can only be done Monday or Thursday morning. Independent Tefillin-laying ceremony can take place any day of the sand.

3. What is the story of the week?
"The Case of the Week 'is a provision called every week on Saturday morning from the book of the Torah. Name of each case is determined by one of the words that open the same. In addition, the beginning of the episode is called 3 more times last week to read - at Mincha of Shabbat afternoon, Monday morning on Thursday morning. During the Second Temple were called discharge cycle lasted 3 years, but nowadays a common habit of the Jews of Babylon, to read the Torah cycle lasts one year, which begins and ends at 'Simchat Torah'. 

4. How to find the story of my week?
Weekly Torah portion is called the synagogue affair on Saturday began immediately after the date of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. To find your case you will need to find out the your Hebrew birthdate in your birth, and check when it will be a Hebrew date you specify the year in which a bar or bat mitzvah yours. Torah portion called birthday next Saturday is your Torah portion. If there is the Hebrew birthday and increase Israel's festival one Torah, Torah reading variable replaced by a special reading for the holiday. Calculate the Hebrew date of birth and assistance in locating your Torah portion.

5. What is Tefillin?
Tefillin, mentioned in the Torah as' badge ', consist of two black boxes -' the hand tefillin and tefillin of the head - attached to black leather straps. There are inside the boxes containing parchment scrolls of the Torah cases that describe the relationship between Israel and God and the commandments of tefillin. Place tefillin every day of sand, morning prayers. In the past, during the Second Temple, the great sages used to walk with tefillin all day.

6. What are the 'muttering' and the 'conclusion'?
'Mutters' is a scripture that ends the weekly Torah portion. After the case they are called again as part of the last increase in the rise of the Torah called "mutters. This is usually a very short reading appropriate for those interested in reading short. On weekends where there are special events or holidays of the month, changing reading Mpteer by current events. Haftarah is a section named after the prophets say the weekly Torah portion and connected to its contents. This practice Abgiziroatio of Greek ruler Antiochus forbade the practice turn. Substitute in the form of verses from the prophets, and survived even after the cancellation of the decrees. Haftara Bible book called Spotted parted not from a Torah scroll. Haftara different tune of music of Torah reading and are linked to her own blessings.

7. Since when celebrating Bat Mitzvah girls?
The late 19th and 20th centuries began to prepare for ceremonies and parties also build commands. First Group Celebration 1866 to build a well-known in Denmark, probably in the teaching of local government, where the girls were a religious studies. Individual family and community celebrations in the United States and Italy began in the 20th century has spread to many communities. At first celebrated in homes and ceremonies only time entered the synagogue.

8. Is it possible to have women's prayer or prayer at the Kotel involved?
Western Wall plaza is not possible to have a women's prayer or a prayer involved. Interested in this kind of prayer, can turn to "Tel traditional" in the southern part of the Western Wall compound Davidson Center - Jerusalem Archaeological Park.

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