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The issue of girl education uniquely expressed on the issue of bat mitzvah. When we refer to the issue of bat mitzvah divide our comments into two parts: the general attitude the day when her daughter gets the burden of the commandments as well as the ratio of how it should be noted this unique day.
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The issue of girl education uniquely expressed on the issue of bat mitzvah. When we refer to the issue of bat mitzvah divide our comments into two parts: the general attitude the day when her daughter gets the burden of the commandments as well as the ratio of how it should be noted this unique day.

Modern feminism, sees great value in clarifying the role of femininity but at the same time leading feminist movement see great value in clarifying the unique variance in sexual function. Therefore, the reference to the question of bat mitzvah should not come from the desire to compare  the white girls. We're not talking about the need for a party because there is a bar mitzvah party for white. We wish to address the real value that the acceptance grade girls team.
bat mitzvah

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Also,   examining the relationship of the daughter's place in relation to Bat Mitzvah should be expressed because of the great changes of the daughter's place in society at large.

This position can be examined in light of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's position, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, attitude toward the issue of women's Torah study at this time. Rebbe refers to the effect of time on the role of women on this issue [1] :

"It not only allowed them to study the Oral Law, but More than that ... have to teach them an oral tradition. Not only Limov Laws apart without Teamihen, but also study the laws flavors ... [2] "

We investigate the relationship Bat Mitzvah party sources compared to the daughter's general place in society. Underlying trends may require creative thinking party encompassing relation to the party structure.

1.      The source of the Bar Mitzvah party for her attitude:

The first source relates to the Bar Mitzvah party appears in a web of authors [3] :

And was a practice well to educate their sons and daughters of Jerusalem ... Ben M. ' [4] , conductivity   and came before all old and old, to congratulate him and pray for him, win   Torah and good deeds.

Beginning of the said law deals with the question of mask writers to fast education. Therefore there are mentioned both girls and boys. Only the second part refers only white. Perhaps the nature of the action, lilac receive a blessing from an old man beard, compatible with the boys and girls have been omitted this ceremony. In any case, you can learn here about the nature, the reference  to a bar mitzvah. "Party" is a spiritual event which goes son be blessed by the elders of the place. Presumably this is a great spiritual experience.

With the "from the whole" express the party it used to Ashkenazim to the sixteenth century. Apparently the days of His"s significant event would have to specify the big day the boy's life [5] :

"Apparently you have no greater mitzvah meal, and the name proves it. Are happy to give praise and thanks be to winning a bar mitzvah boy."

Many sources referred to the very fun character. Over the generations has become the party to be part of Jewish life in order [6] . Speaking above the bar mitzvah event as an event highlighting the   entry team burden. Therefore, over the years, with the development of the Bar Mitzvah party a festive event features often lacking conceptual and spiritual, opponents began to sound leniency Bar Mitzvah party. Prominent attitude of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt "Responsa fees Moses [7] :


And Ayeshr Dolly was canceling our country also order the boys' bar mitzvah as we all know did not bring it any closer to Torah and bring people and not the bar mitzvah even one hour, on the contrary it brings in many places and bans be hollow Saturday. Anyway, what has already been introduced in the mouth and this came from a hard commandment to cancel.


It turns out that Rabbi Feinstein sees a Bar Mitzvah party only when it leads to an expression of spiritual ideas, only when it serves the purpose for which it was founded: a boost on the occasion of the boy being as ordering the team has and does.   Although, Bar Mitzvah and went a solid conceptual infrastructure that enables the reduction or elimination of "party." Point of the process is dedicated to increase the Torah, to prepare the sermon, the laying of tefillin, and more. All these, create a "package of events" with great values weight. It should be noted, most of which occur in the synagogue, most of them are in front of the congregation, most of them accompanied by a great preparation.

Emphasis on the observance began as part of routine behavior throughout a person's lifetime, a significant and vital. I understand it, smart chose to specify   the bar mitzvah event program will become - once the next day - part of their daily life of the son. Tefillin, Torah reading her immigration. Bar Mitzvah is a milestone in the life of the adolescent. Party   boy holds a variety of events and major flags that reflect the spiritual world, the beliefs and values. No doubt there is an appropriate phrase to describe it is said in Tractate Kiddushin about Rav Yosef [8] :

 Dar"ah: Large orders and making those who does not command. R. Joseph said: Marish the ", Mann Davah ry told me she went, who said: blind exempt from the commandments, Abidana Yoma Grandfather Rabbis, Daa not Mipakidana Vha Abidana, cell Edshmayta Lha Da"ar Hanina: great mitzvah and makes more water does not command, on the contrary, Medellin Man who said I went to Rabbi Yehuda, Abidana Yoma Grandfather Rabbis.

This issue reinforces the connection between the party and billing   commandments. Therefore, Rav Yosef choose to do a good day Rabbis, Party, only when it becomes clear to him that he must  commandments. Thus, even the bat mitzvah party program should express the daughter's life, believes the daily routine, keeping Torah.

This principle of great importance, because it confiscates the discussion of the question of what is permitted and daughter do. Even if states allowed daughter called up, put on tefillin, etc. The big question is whether this process is the daughter's lifestyle, daily routine of the subsidiary. Do these events since opening   the daughter lives

2. Ratio   Bat Mitzvah party.

Bat Mitzvah attitude was reflected   in three different directions. The first approach denies the party outright. The second recognizes the need for a modest party limited. Nash