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Whether you’re seeking a meaningful gift for someone you love, a poignant reminder of that special trip, or a deeply personal memento, you’re certain to find that perfect treasure at Canaan-Online.

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Within these pages, you’ll discover an array of Judaica and Jewish gifts such as -Mezuzahs, Menorahs, Hamsa hands and unique gifts handcrafted by Israeli artisans with exceptional care and creativity. From Passover and Hanukkah gifts to exquisite silver Jewish jewelry and Kabbalah jewelry, our products are distinguished not only by their quality, but also by the way they so beautifully reflect the pride, history and customs of the Jewish heritage. Since your purchase is sent directly to you or your gift recipient from our store in Kibbutz Einat, Israel, you can be sure of its authenticity.

Canaan-Online makes it simple for you to maintain one of the nicest traditions in Judaism; the tradition of giving Jewish gifts. The giving of gifts to ones friends and family helps to form a sense of closeness within the family and community. Some examples are; sending gifts of food on Purim (Mishloach Manot), gift giving on Hanukkah, presenting the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah children with Jewish gifts both from family, friends and Synagogue, Jewish and Judaica Gifts to a recently married couple for their new home and giving money, food and various gifts to the poor.

Aside from the spirit of presenting the gift itself, Jewish gifts and Judaica gifts, many of which are unique pieces of art, decorate the home and are passed on and on to strengthen the bond of Judaism within the family. Today's Jewish symbols such as; a Hanukkah Menorah, Kiddush cup, Mezuzah case, Shabbat Candlesticks and Passover Seder plates, will be tomorrows heirlooms, appreciated and cherished by family members for generations to come.

One of the hottest trends in Jewish Gifts is Jewish Jewelry. The more traditional Magen David (Star of David) and Chai, necklaces, although still popular, pale in comparison to the amount of Jewish Jewelry designed in the last few years. The type of Jewelry now available has grown tremendously, as a result, for example, in the rise of interest towards Jewish topics such as the Kabbalah.

Cananan-Online offers a wide range of Modern Jewish jewelry, many of which items can only be found on our website. Hamsa jewelry, Kabbalah jewelry and other modern Jewish themed jewelry can be found as; rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and pins, in a vast array of materials such as, silver, gold, ceramic, plastic resins and many other materials.

The most unique Jewish jewelry items available today can be found exclusively on Canaan-Online: Nano Jewish Jewelry. The revolutionary Nanno imprint technology, which represents a worldwide breakthrough in this field, allows for maximum resolution of magnificently small designs, allowing miniature graphics and texts to be integrated into the design. Visit our website to view Pendants with the entire Ten Commandments, Tfilat Haderch (The Travelers prayer), and the word peace in 120 Languages.

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