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Animals Sculptures by Israeli Artist David Gerstein

David Gerstein is an artist who is highly respected and admired world-wide. His use of sculpture is welcomed as another medium of expression for his prodigious talents.

Here, with a humorous energetic eye, Gerstein stands back and examines the animals that are part of the scenery of everyday life in Israel. The cow, butterfly and cat are an integral feature of childhood memories, especially for those living in rural areas. The cow provides milk but its diversity of colors reminds us of the disparate elements that compose the people of Israel. Butterflies are in constant motion as most people are in their lives. Israel’s society is fluid and mobile but throughout, it retains its magnificent beauty. Finally three sculptures of open widows with cats are a comment on the coexistence that is vital for our survival. Note – the windows are wide open, bringing forth a welcome breath of fresh air.

Any of these sculptures will add a colorful dimension to your home or place of work and reflect your understanding of quality authentic art

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Sculpture - Window Coexistence by David Gerstein Window with Couple david gerstein Window Sculpture by David Gerstein Back Home
Window Sculpture by David Gerstein Back Home
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