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Hamsa Hands by Israeli Artist David Gerstein

With these striking Hamas decorations, David Gerstein, Israeli artist of world renown, takes one step back and presents to us his view of life. The results are entertaining, moving and thought provoking. In each of his hamsas, the five finger hand symbol of protection has a humorous twist. Maybe, you will enjoy a Hamsa that incorporates a bunch of grapes, blessed fruit of Israel. Another adds the poignant Jewish comment “bli ayin hara” – without the influence of the Evil Eye. Other hamsas carry eloquent messages on the palm – “good luck” or “Happy Tidings” with a host of traditional Jewish symbols. Here is a model depicting the dove, traditional bird of peace, with the words Shalom al Yisrael - peace on Israel - and a choice of Jewish symbols. Whichever Hamas you choose, you can be sure that in addition to protection it will bring a smile to the face of everyone who stops for a moment to savor the pleasure of a Gerstein work of art.
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Hamsa David Gerstein No Evil Eye Hamsa  Hand by David Gerstein Hamsa David Gerstein
Jewish Hamsa Hand by David Gerstein Hamsa hand David Gerstein Hamsa hand David Gerstein
Hamsa Mazal Tov by David Gerstein Olive Tree Hamsa by David Gerstein Peace Hamsa with Dove and Olive Branch by David Gerstein