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The Dreidel Game

A Jewish dreidel is a toy related with the Hanukkah Jewish joliday. On each side of the 4 side of the dreidel there is a Hebrew letter, which are an acrostic for the Hebrew phrase meaning "A Great Miracle Happened There." The letters are – Gimmel, Peh, Nun, Heh (see image)dreidel game

The Dreidel game
The dreidel game is a game played by children in Hanukkah.
Each one of the dreidel game players puts something in the pot in the muddle (the dreidel game can be played with pieces of candy).
One of the players spins the dreidel, Taking or giving in more to the pot, according to the dreidel letter comes up.
In the dreidel game, the dreidel letters stand for Yiddish words.

Dreidel letter - Nun
The Hebrew letter Nun stands for the Hebrew word 'nes' (miracle). In the dreidel game, it means 'nisht' – nothing in Yiddish. If the letter 'nun' comes up, the person spinning the dreidel does nothing.

Dreidel letter – Gimel
Hebrew letter Gimmel stands for great or big (gadol in Hebrew). In the dreidel game -for the Dreidel spinner it means 'gantz' in Yiddish means everything.  The player takes the whole pot to himself J

Dreidel letter Heh
Hebrew letter Heh stands for it was or it happened (hayah in Hebrew). It also means 'halb' or 'half' . In the dreidel game - the dreidel spinner in the game gets the half of what is in the pot.

Hebrew letter Shin
The Hebrew letter Shin does not appears in the Dreidels made outside Israel (In Israel Peh comes instead the letter shin in the Dreidel) . It stands for the word there (Sham in Hebrew). In the game it means 'put in' (Shtel in Yiddish). The Dreidel spinner put one of his pieces into the pot.

Dreidel letter – Peh
Dreidels made in Israel (like the above image) use the letter peh stands for 'here' (po in Hebrew) to signify that the Hanukkah miracle happened in Israel. In the game it counts as shin.

Enjoy the game...