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Jewish Rings

Inspired by rich Jewish tradition, Judaica designers have created a wide variety of Jewish rings in original designs. Jewish rings range from the simplest to the most sophisticated designs. Many Jewish rings include traditional Jewish motifs, such as the Star of David or quotations from sacred sources. For that reason, many Jewish rings are believed to be auspicious of love, good-fortune, abundance, success and protection. Jewish ring is a small piece of jewelry that might bring big changes into your life.
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Personalized Flora-Inspired Silver Hebrew Name Ring Custom-Made Silver Hebrew Name Ring
Shema Yisrael Ring
Tailor-Made Papercut-Style Silver Hebrew Name Ring Star of David Ring with Priestly Blessing Traveler's Prayer Jewish Ring Seven Blessings Jewish Ring
Traveler's Prayer Jewish Ring
List Price:$145.00
jewish ring Seven Blessings  Jewish Ring jewish ring jewish ring
Tarshish Ring by HaAri Jewelry
List Price:$195.00
Twelve Tribes Ring
judaica ring jewish ring ring Kabbalah ring
Hamsa hand Kabbalah ring Jewish ring Hoshen Jewish Ring
Hoshen Jewish Ring by HaAri Jewelry
List Price:$850.00
Travelers Prayer Kabbalah Ring by Golan Studio Silver Ring with Personalized Hand Engraving by Golan Studio The 72 Names Silver Ring by Golan Studio
Travelers Prayer Kabbalah Ring by Golan Studio
List Price:$119.00
The 72 Names Silver Ring by Golan Studio
List Price:$119.00
Silver Star of David Ring by Golan Studio I Am for My Beloved - Silver Ring by Golan Studio Silver Star of David Ring by Golan Studio
Silver Star of David Ring by Golan Studio
List Price:$119.00
Jewish Rings and Jewish Traditional Motifs
Nowadays the World Wide Web offers an overwhelming selection of unique Jewish jewelry from all across the globe. Jewish rings have claimed a special place within the Jewish jewelry niche. Jewish men and women choose to wear Jewish rings on their fingers that draw on the symbols from ancient and rich Jewish tradition. Indeed, Jewish rings are a great way to express personal faith along with style. As anyone can , many Jewish rings include traditional Jewish motifs, such as the famous Star of Davidor the Hamsa hand. For that reason, many Jewish rings are worn as amulets in the hope to bring positive changes into the life of the wearer. Here we would like to introduce you to some prominent features found in many Jewish rings.
Jewish rings, like many other Jewish jewelry accessories often include the most recognized Jewish sign - the Star of David also known by its Hebrew name Magen David. The word Magen means in Hebrew a protector or a shield , referring to the shape of King David's shield. According to tradition, the six pointed star that was used as a shield by King David and his warriors, has brought divine protection and led King David and his men to their great victories. To this day, wearing a Star of David ring is believed to draw divine protection to the bearer. It is not surprising thus that Star of David rings are extremely popular among all Jewish communities. Another common feature in Jewish rings is the Hamsa hand also known in Jewish tradition as the Hamash or as the protective hand of God. Just like Star of David rings , Hamsa rings are worn by believers as talismans for protection and blessing.
Jewish rings often include traditional blessings and prayers for keepsake Many Jewish rings are inscribed in Hebrew with well known Jewish inscriptions that are thought to bring protection upon the wearer. Among the popular inscriptions you can find the famous Shema Yisrael. Another blessing that is often found on Jewish rings is the Traveler's Prayer, or in Hebrew - Tefillat Haderech. Tefillat Haderech is recited on set of journey or a trip. Jewish rings with Tefillat Haderech make popular Jewish gifts for businessmen and businesswomen.
Traditional inscriptions of love
Jewish rings are also used as an expression of mutual love. One example would be the famous blessing Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li or in English - "I am My Beloved's, and My Beloved is Mine". This well known verse is taken from Shir HaShirim, the "Song of Songs" written by King Solomon. This book is written as a beautiful, romantic declaration between a wife and husband, as well as being an allegory of the eternal love between the people of Israel and God. . Another example is the seven blessings that are recited at Jewish weddings under the Chupah. The Seven Blessings or Sheva Brachot are said after the ring is placed on the bride's finger and a second glass of wine is poured. The high merit of the Seven Blessings that the bride is blessed with is in channeling the abundance sent to her from the Devine blessing above via the seven spheres on earth.
Jewish rings with Kabbalist elements
Contemporary Judaica jewelrydesigners give special attention to the Kabbalah's spiritual keys and sacred texts. Many Jewish rings are inspired by Kabbalah teachings and are thus turned into Jewish amulets. You can find Jewish rings that are inscribed with Hebrew words that have Kabbalist meaning, such as the 72 names of God. These spiritual keys, according to the Kabbalah, release powerful energies that may enhance positive changes in our lives. Here at Canaan Online, we bring you a .unique selection of handmade Jewish rings and Kabbalah rings by Israeli designers, in various materials and styles to perfectly match your personal taste and needs.