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Judaica Jewelry - A Fascinating World of Religious Jewelry

Judaica jewelry refers to a wide range of jewelry accessories that feature Jewish motifs, such as the Star of David. Judaica jewelry accessories are often worn by men and women (even non-Jews) as protective charms. Judaica jewelry accessories are often given as gifts on various Jewish occasions such as Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and Jewish weddings .

Judaica jewelry pieces can also make romantic gifts . Judaica jewelry that is given as a token of love will include beautiful phrases from blessings and other holy sources, one example would be Ani Ledodi blessing (I am my beloved's ).

As you can easily see by a quick search on the internet Jewish jewelry accessories are at many times inscribed with Hebrew letters, prayers, famous blessings such as Shema Yisrael, and quotations from the bibles.

In recent years we see more and more contemporary jewelry designers who give fresh and bold interpretations of ancient Jewish symbols in their designs. These Judaica artists have aspired to combine traditional Jewish motifs with modern interpretations while adding their own creativity and style. As you're soon to discover, modern Judaica jewelry accessories are designed in a unique mix of ancient symbolism and modern art.

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Here are several examples of popular motifs in the field of Jewish jewelry:

Star of David is the most common Jewish symbol in this field. The Star of David is traditionally believed to refer to King's David shield. Due to it special shape, the Star of David it is believed to draw divine protection. Jewish men and women wear Star of David necklaces as a luck charm that expresses their personal faith.

Hamsa hand -  The Hamsa hand is another a popular motif that has been adopted by Jewish culture. The Hamsa Hand is believed to ward off the evil eye or any negative energy and bless the ones who wear it with good fortune. 

Mezuzah - Many Jewish people wear Jewish jewelry accessories that resemble traditional Mezuzah cases. A Mezuzah pendant can sometimes hold a miniature scroll with blessings just like in a regular Mezuzah. 

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