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, a hollowed ram's horn (lamb), bent curved upward, and is used in Judaism as a wind blowing. It is customary to blow it on Rosh Hashanah to devote the day of Judgement Day holiday, hence the nickname of the Torah as "New Year's Day cheer." The term has been improved and is in biblical Hebrew and other Semitic languages, slight pronunciation differences. Akkadian means "goat", and can be developed from the Hebrew language was teaching "ale

Preparation of the shofar is a complex craft, made by experts. Various religious restrictions imposed on the Preparation, as well as differences between the Ashkenazi communities improved preparation prepare communities of Spain. The shofar produce in the summer, for the New Year. First soften the contents of the ram's horn, later digging inside cavity exhalation. Ashkenazi Jews also tend to polish the outside fund. It should be noted that the projector can be improved every pure animal (sheep, goat, goat, ibex, Ayala - male or female), except the bull and a cow.

In biblical times the shofar was used for various purposes: it would stick to stimulate the nation to war, mass public to the meeting, announce the various bans or exclusion of a member of the community. Evening Saturday would blow the shofar six blasts which are designed to announce the coming Sabbath, and warn the traders to close the business.

Throughout the month of Elul usually one to blow the shofar blast at the end of prayers early morning of a weekday. This blast comes to arouse the people to reply before the arrival of the Ten Days of Awe . On the last day of Elul, before Rosh Hashana, not doing so, to create a buffer between these blasts are "stuck Authority, and the blasts of the holiday are" mandatory blasts. " Faith says that it can also "confuse" the devil and prevent the prosecution.

Shofar on Rosh Hashanah were a number of reasons: one believes that the blasts symbolizes the kingdom of God king over all the earth, as they did in ancient times kings specify the day rise to the throne. Different taste hangs shofar will stimulate the "birthright" to remind, in the midst of Armageddon, the story of The Binding of Isaac and compliance Abraham trying hard, as the sages : "Sound the ram's horn before, to remember you the sacrifice of Isaac Ben Abraham will be online memories before. "blowing the shofar is also reminiscent of the Sinai , when he declared at the foot of the mountain people unanimous: "We hear." It was an impressive class Kol Shofar accompanied by very strong, and actually made ​​a sound the horn cut off a renewed alliance between the Israel and God, giving of the Torah. acceptable especially words of Maimonides (Laws of Repentance c, d): "Though the shofar on Rosh Hashanah the cut text, it has hinted, that old skin Matradmatchma ... Repent and remember Borachma

Blasts of the shofar is composed of three parts: a blast - a sound long, usually begins or ends with another sound, which is an ornament blowing; fragments - three short, sharp blasts, often heard whimper; Fanfare - many short, sharp blasts. the three types of sounds (Ats"at ) return to series regular. It is customary to end a very long series called sound big blast. scholars were divided about the nature of the "grazing": Some thought that the intention pleasant whine of a truncated, and believed that it refers to the tune of howling. To get the listeners of the supplier, then the two forms have been created - the "bars" the "grazing".

Tend to blow the shofar in the synagogue before the prayer -added "Dmaiosab blasts, which allowed worshipers sit Musaf itself stick" blasts Dmaomad "where the congregation to stand. Some people stick again at the end of prayer, to complete the vote count a hundred.

It is customary to blow the shofar blast one more night Yom Kippur to remind the audience the shofar, that was used on the night of Yom Kippur of the jubilee, a year in which the slaves were freed and returned to land owners in ancient times the Jewish people's history.

Shofar commandments are committed men. Women are exempt from the commandment, since it depends on the time (women are exempt from the commandments of hanging at a specific time, Aramaic terminology - "time bound". The principle that there are some exceptions). Israeli communities it is customary to send "a stick" special hospitals nursing homes, to their credit the existence of this mitzvah.

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