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I am sending you a picture of my son blowing the Shofar on the tebah on New year's morning service today. It is in the Magen Abraham Synagogue in Ahmedabad city of India. Everyone loved the sound and were very happy. In the picture you can see the ladies viewing galleries.

I would like to specially thank the Shofar expert who selected it and sent it to me. May the lord Hasehm bless him and his family for all the joy he has brought to our small Jewish community. I do not know if you do this in Israel or the US but here now the Shofar will be taken and blown at the houses of all the old and sick Jewish people who could not come for the prayers and hear it. Hearing it blown brings great joy to them and many of them cry on hearing it. You have no idea how much it is worth here, not in money buy in peoples hearts and feelings.

Thanks a lot it is worth every cent paid for it. God bless you all at Canann and a Happy New Year to you all.

Austin S Haeems.