5 Metals Kabbalah Ring with Amethyst - Ha'Ari

5 Metals Kabbalah Ring with Amethyst - Ha'Ari

  • Kabbalah Ring made of 5 metals and amethyst stone
  • Blessing for success
  • Made in Israel

Product Description

Ha’Ari presents us with this awesome Five Metals ring; the well-known Kabbalistic symbol of blessing that combines five metals - silver, gold, lead, copper and tin. Along the side is written in Hebrew the words, “In the name of G-d, we will do and we will succeed!” and on top in a gold setting is a beautiful purple amethyst stone, one of the precious powerful stones that comprised the Breastplate of the High Priest.

Preparation time: 10-14 days


Item #: HAR-R016
Materials: 9k gold, silver, lead, copper, tin, amethyst stone
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
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