Red Kabbalah Bracelet with Ana BeKoach by HaAri Jewelry

Red Kabbalah Bracelet with Ana BeKoach by HaAri Jewelry

  • Trendy red bracelet with Kabbalah prayer
  • Beautiful and meaningful
  • Unisex item which makes a great gift

Product Description

Inspired by the red string motif, this extraordinary Kabbalah bracelet is a powerful Jewish amulet. Made from leather and silver, the bracelet features the Ana Beckoach prayer.
Ana Beckoach is an ancient Kabbalist prayer that now can be found in the Jewish siddur. It was written in the first century according to the 42 Names of God. The bracelet is inscribed at the front with the 42 Names (three letter combinations in Hebrew) and with the entire prayer on the back side.
According to the Kabbalah Ana BeKoach mediates between the spiritual and the material worlds. The Kabbalah explains that the prayer's seven verses take us back to the pure energy that existed in the world at the time of Creation.


Item #: HAR-VB125
Material: sterling silver
Made in Israel
Artist: HaAri Jewelry

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