Black-White Ceramic Wall Hamsa with Blessings

Black-White Ceramic Wall Hamsa with Blessings

$21.15 - $32.43
  • Black and white ceramic wall hamsa
  • Comes in a choice of 3 sizes
  • Made in Israel by Michal ben Yosef

Product Description

This trendy Home Blessing plaque another ceramic product from Michal Ben Yosef is a delightful Hamsa shape with a pomegranate crown at the top. On a distinguished grey colored background are traditional home blessings in Hebrew asking for happiness, nachat, harmony and joy.
Option: three sizes
In the hands of master artist Michal Ben Yosef, simple clay becomes transformed into stunning ceramic blessing plaques that grace homes and Synagogues all over the world.


Artist: Michal ben Yosef

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