Nickel Plated Chanukah Menorah with Graceful Branches

Nickel Plated Chanukah Menorah with Graceful Branches

  • A Menorah that will bring light to your Chanukah Festival each evening
  • Curving branches, decorated stem, small feet on base add to its beauty
  • Will be an impressive decoration year-round to display in your home
  • Advisable to use with Oil and Floating Wicks only brings a special glow

Product Description

Gorgeous swirls adorn this nickel-plated Menorah bringing a special charm to the Chanukah lighting ceremony. To enhance the appearance, a decorative motif is repeated throughout. Small feet and hexagon base give height and dignity.


Item #: TRA-UK41606
Nickel-plated metal
Silver color
Height: 11" / 28 cm

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