Decorative Wall Plaque Doves Frame Physicians Prayer Hebrew - Dorit Judaica

Decorative Wall Plaque Doves Frame Physicians Prayer Hebrew - Dorit Judaica


Product Description

This Dorit Judaica wall plaque with the Doctor’s Prayer is breathtakingly beautifully. In the center of a floral Kabbalah motif is written the words “Tefillat Ha’rofeh” and around that is etched in Hebrew “Blessed is the one who heals the sick of Israel.” The color theme is a delicate grey picked up beautifully in a grey frame that is decorated with doves and a pomegranate. This is a magnificent item to present to your doctor or health care profession as an expression of gratitude. It will proudly hang on the wall of his office or clinic.
Although this prayer is reputed to have been written by the great Rambam who lived in Egypt over one thousand years ago, it is today acknowledged that it was probably written some two hundred and fifty years ago by a doctor in Europe. Whatever, the words express the fervent heart prayer of a doctor before he begins his day’s work. Here is a free translation:
A-mighty G-d - before I begin my holy work to cure those whom You have created, I entreat You to grant me courage of spirit and diligence to faithfully fulfill my obligations without being blinded by personal ambition for financial gain or other benefits. Grant me to see the suffering of others and to accept each person as a human being without differentiating between rich or poor, friend or foe, good or evil. I desire to be loyal to the medical profession. Strengthen my spirit so that only truth will guide me. I know that in the weakness of a moment, I can be the cause of sickness or death to those whom You have created. Please G-d, have mercy and favor me. Strengthen my body and my soul and plant Your spirit within me.


Item #: DR-DPL-19-H
Artist: Dorit Judaica
Brushed stainless steel
Swarovski crystals
Width: 7.6" / 19.5 cm
Height: 8.6" / 21.5 cm

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