Lifelike Etrog Havdalah Candle

Lifelike Etrog Havdalah Candle

Height: 5"

Product Description

This is a no-fail gift that will be enjoyed by children, teens and adults alike. Watch the expressions of delight when they realize that the sweet smelling Etrog is in fact a havdalah candle! The wrinkled skin is an almost perfect imitation. Makes a delightful decoration when not in use. Comes carefully packed in imitation Etrog box to ensure that the surprise is complete!

Safed Candles was established to provide employment for the city’s residents. Until today, the work is done by hand, loving transforming beeswax into splendid colorful candles that are works of art and make perfect gifts that will always be appreciated and enjoyed.


Item #: JC-53464
Size: Height: 5"
Made in Israel

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