Flowing Design Turquoise Color Stone Candlesticks

Flowing Design Turquoise Color Stone Candlesticks

12 x 4.5 cm/ 4.7" x 1.7"

  • Flowing art nouveau design candlesticks
  • Decorative turquoise color stone
  • Made in Israel

Product Description

These candlesticks will also make a delightful decoration for your home. They are made of beige stone with a flowing metal design. The center blue stone adds a touch of color. The Hebrew words “Shabbat Kodesh” – Shabbat is holy - are etched above the stone.
Lighting Shabbat candles is the privilege of the Jewish woman. As she kindles the light, she ushers in the holy Shabbat. Peace and tranquility descend on the home – a welcome cut-off from the frenzied rush of daily life.

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