Cool Hues Jerusalem Plaque by Friekmanndar

Cool Hues Jerusalem Plaque by Friekmanndar

  • Hues of blue Jerusalem wall plaque
  • Hang it at home or at work, or give as a meaningful gift

Product Description

Bring Israeli style to your entryway with this chic wall décor, showcasing a rectangular fused-glass motif. Inscribed with words “If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem, Let My Right Hand Become Paralyzed”, this evocative plaque refers to the Jewish people’s deep connection to the Holy City of Jerusalem.


Item #: FRK-BL-54
Artist: Friekmanndar
Made in Israel
Material: stained glass
Height: 2.3"/6 cm
Width: 6.2"/16 cm
Usually ships in 7 days

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