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Recent years has seen a tremendous upsurge of interest in Kabbalah – Jewish mysticism. Nowhere has this found more eloquent expression than in the field of jewelry. Many thousands of men and women have found fulfillment and inner tranquility through wearing jewelry engraved with Kabbalah words and symbols. Since the jewelry is worn on the body, these amulets accompany the wearer wherever he goes, bringing comfort, security and a sense of well-being.

A leader in the field of Kabbalah jewelry is HA’ARI. In keeping with the rules of Kabbalah purity, HA’ARI’s jewelry items are created on special dates and specified hallowed times of the day. Only pure silver, gold or one of the five kabbalah metals is used. HA’ARI is firmly committed to spreading the message of Kabbalah so that as many people as possible can benefit from its spiritual keys and inner energy. His jewelry is breathtakingly beautiful - pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces – all engraved with Kabbalah inspired motifs.

Canaan Online is making these precious items available to as wide a public as possible with the hope that they will indeed be a virtue for blessing and protection.

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Star of David Necklace by HaAri Jewish Jewelry
Star of David Necklace by HaAri Jewish Jewelry
List Price:$185.00
Shema Yisrael Ring
Hamsa Necklace - Bat Miriam
Travelers Prayer jewish jewelry Ana BeKoach Kabbalah Bracelet
Ana Bekoach Kabbalah Pendant by HaAri Jewelry Kabbalah Jewelry for Protection and Fulfillment Eshet Chail Kabbalah Pendant for Protection and Harmony
Star of David Ring with Priestly Blessing
Kabbalah Necklace Hamsa Necklace with the Priestly Blessing by HaAri Jewish Jewelry Kabbalah Pendant
Kabbalah Pendant
Baby Amulet Everlasting Love Star of David Necklace
Ben Porat Baby Amulet by HaAri Jewelry
List Price:$119.00
jewish pendant Circle of Life Tree Kabbalah Necklace Kabbalah Pendant for Love and Matchmaking
Adam and Eve Kabbalah Pendant Kabbalah jewelry for Love and Relationship