Hamsa Necklace by Haya Elfassi - Rough Diamond

Hamsa Necklace by Haya Elfassi - Rough Diamond

  • Rough diamond 24k hamsa pendant
  • Made by Israeli designer Chaya Elfassi

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Product Description

Chaya Elfasi's created this striking Hamsa pendant with style and affordability in mind. Featuring .20 ct of rough diamonds hanging from a 24k gold plated pendant, this Hamsa necklace will keep the Evil Eye away and bring with it only good tidings.

Comes in attractive gift box.


Item #: FSI-FDPC111
Artist: Chaya Elfasi
Material: 24k gold plated 925 silver pendant and chain, rose cut rough diamonds
Chain length: 43 cm
Rough diamond total: 0.20 ct

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