Israel Flag Tallit Set - Galilee Silk

Israel Flag Tallit Set - Galilee Silk

20" x 72"/50.8 x 183 cm

Product Description

Make your prayers an exciting experience with this "I support Israel" viscose tallit from Galilee Silks. The traditional white fabric tallit is decorated with a meaningful imitation image of the flag of Israel with its sky-blue Star of David and frame. The Star of David theme is repeated on the atara (neckband). The embroidered atara (neckband) and four corners repeat the design and color theme.
All prayer shawl sets include a kippah and matching bag.

The colorful evocative themes of the tallitot of Galilee Silks reflect the magnificent scenery that is the background to the company's studio and workshop in the Gallil, in the north of Israel. In addition to high quality tallitot, Gallilee Silks produces popular Judaica and fashion items known for the beauty of their designs and color themes.

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