Jerusalem Design Lovebird Travel Candlesticks

Jerusalem Design Lovebird Travel Candlesticks

10 x 10 cm / 3.9" x 3.9"

  • The perfect wedding gift
  • Lovebird travel candlesticks with Jerusalem design
  • Made in Israel by Yealat Chen

Product Description

These romantic candlesticks are heart-shaped and depict two intertwined doves. Along the sides are pretty engravings of Old City Jerusalem. We recommend it as an engagement or wedding gift. The young couple will love it.
When we kindle the lights of Shabbat, we usher in a day of tranquility a peaceful oasis in our frenzy-ridden lives. One of the reasons for the laws of lighting Shabbat candles is to strengthen interpersonal relationships. What a wonderful opportunity to spend time together without outside distractions.

A perfect wedding gift!

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