Leather Kabbalah Bracelet by Ha'Ari

Leather Kabbalah Bracelet by Ha'Ari

  • Kabbalah bracelet against the evil eye
  • Made of leather and sterling silver
  • Ha'Ari Kabbalah Jewelry

Product Description

This graceful bracelet is trendy and also offers you traditional Kabalistic blessings. At the clasp of a long leather strip that wraps around your wrist is a distinctive sterling silver disc on which is engraved one of G-d’s sacred 72 names – proverbially granting protection from the Evil Eye - together with the words “Ben Porat Yosef Aley Ayin” recalling the great merit of Yosef son of Jacob.


Item #: HAR-VB100s
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Material: .925 sterling silver

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