Nickel Seder Pesach Plate - Rectangular

Nickel Seder Pesach Plate - Rectangular

  • Rectangular nickel Seder Plate
  • Ornate handles and decorative feet
  • Spacious compartments for Seder items
  • Ritual Items boldly etched in Hebrew

Product Description

This nickel Seder Plate, combining tradition and contemporary style, will add a distinctive touch to your Seder table. Note the stately handles, the curved feet and ample compartments, holding the special ritual items. There is zeroah – bone, beitzah – egg, maror – bitter herbs, charoset –food paste, karpas – parsley and chazeret – horseradish.

To clean – wipe gently with damp cloth


Item #: PL-X398
18.5” x 12.9” / 47cm x 33cm

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