Jerusalem Travel Candlesticks by Yealat Chen

Jerusalem Travel Candlesticks by Yealat Chen

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These oval shaped Shabbat travelling candlesticks are compact and pretty. The intricate metal design of Old City Jerusalem is enhanced with blue stones that add a dash of color. Ideal for travel, they will easily fit into your suitcase. At the top is written “Jerusalem” and at the base is written in Hebrew “Shabat Shalom”.

“Shabbat shalom” is the beautiful universal greeting with which Jews greet each other on Shabbat replacing “Hi” or “Hello”. The equivalent Yiddish expression is “Gut Shabbos”. This is a blessing and a prayer to be granted the inner peace and tranquility that are an integral part of the Shabbat experience. Walk down the street on Shabbat and you will find total strangers greeting each other with a cheerful “Shabbat Shalom”.


Artist: Yealat Chen

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