Star of David Hanukkah Menorah -by Yair Emanuel

Star of David Hanukkah Menorah -by Yair Emanuel

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  • This splendid 7 branch Menorah is crafted by Yair Emanuel
  • A golden bronze color, the branches come out of a central stem
  • A large Star of David and fish symbol decorate the stem
  • Gleaming smooth finish, round base, decorative candle-holders

Product Description

An elegant 7-branch Menorah of brass from world-renowned artist, Yair Emanuel. It features a smooth elegant surface with decorative candle holders. It is adorned with a fish symbol and the Star of David.


Item #: YE-MG-1
Artist: Emanuel Judaica
Bronze metal
Height: 9.4 / 24 cm
Length: 5.5" / 14 cm

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