Sterling Silver Shabbat Candlesticks Hammered Design - Small

Sterling Silver Shabbat Candlesticks Hammered Design - Small

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  • Small sterling silver cone candlesticks
  • Attractive contemporary hammered finish
  • Chic band in the center

Product Description

Small is size but great in their delicate beauty! These cone shaped candlesticks are covered with a gleaming hammered finish that will reflect the glow of your Shabbat lights. In the center of the cone is an elegant band giving the candlesticks a stylish look.

These will make a wonderful extra pair of candlesticks for your Shabbat guests who will feel
honored to use these them for their Shabbat lighting.


Item #: AJD-925CAN-5
.925 Sterling Silver
Height: 5.0" / 12.8 cm
Base Diameter: 1.6" / 4.2 cm
Top Diameter: 1.3" / 3.2 cm
Cup Diameter: 0.9" / 2.2 cm
Combined Weight: 144 gr.

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