Warm Fireplace Channukiah by Friekmanndar

Warm Fireplace Channukiah by Friekmanndar

8.6"(w) x 6.6"(h)

  • A contemporary red fused glass Menorah combines tradtion with style
  • This red-gold Chanukia will reflect in the candle's flame
  • Made in Israel by Friekmanndar

Product Description

Bold and elegant, this eye-catching Hanukiah exudes Israeli chic whether placed on a foyer side-table or in your buffet. Place alongside other Israeli-made Judaica items to celebrate your deep love of the Holy Land. Stained in shades of opal, salmon and chrome, this Hanukiah is sure to be a hit.


Item #: FRK-CH-11
Size: 8.6"(w) x 6.6"(h)
Artist: Friekmanndar
Made in Israel
Material: stained glass
Width: 8.6"/22 cm
Height: 6.6"/17 cm
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