14K Gold Mezuzah Pendant with Roman Glass Center and Filigree Frame

14K Gold Mezuzah Pendant with Roman Glass Center and Filigree Frame

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  • An exquisite 14K gold pendant in a Mezuzah shape
  • With Roman glass and Certificate of Authenticity
  • Is a pendant only - the chain is not included

Product Description

Connect to your heritage and faith with this 14K gold Mezuzah pendant displaying the traditional "shin" letter. Around is an incredibly beautiful handcrafted Yemenite filigree frame. Highlighting the pendant is a stunning piece of patina Roman glass in blue hues. Hidden in the sand of Israel for over 2000 years, it is now revealed in all its beauty.

Jewelry artist Yoel Sadya, originating from a family of prestigious silversmiths in ancient Yemen, designs exquisite jewelry with Jewish motifs that reflect pride in his heritage and identity. His exclusive Roman Glass jewelry items are crafted from ancient glass, fragments of vessels used by the ancient Romans in the Land of Israel over 2000 years ago. He transforms them into shimmering jewelry a link with the past to be worn with pride and joy.


Item #: YOJ-YS-7
Yoels Jewelry
14K Gold
Authentic Roman Glass
Diameter: 0.4" / 1 cm
Height: 1.1 " / 2.7 cm

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