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Pesach and Gifts

Pesach is a beautiful season for gift-giving. It strengthens family ties and helps everyone to feel connected. In Israel, shay le’chag, holiday gifts, is part of the culture.


The most appropriate gift for Pesach, especially for guests attending your Seder, is a Haggadah. Its text is read and sung, individually and in unison, during the Seder and many of these melodies are so well known that chances are - if you begin to hum one of them in a crowd, someone will continue the tune! At Canaan-Online, you will find a selection of attractive Haggadahs, presented with an English translation and striking illustrations that will entertain the children as the Seder continues.


During the Seder, the hands are ritually washed twice. So, you will need plenty of towels. Dorit Judaica presents us with a decorative quality hand towel that will make a thoughtful gift.

For the Housewife

Show the hardworking housewife appreciation for her efforts. Present her with a colorful Barbara Shaw apron or dish towel celebrating the Pesach story. Consider our entertaining place mats, decorated with Pesach themes. For that coffee at the end of the day, there is nothing like a Barbara Shaw Pesach mug.

Seder Items

Bring a gift that will be used at the Seder table. Yair Emanuel’s decorative Cup of Elijah will be a dramatic centerpiece. There are Seder Plates, Matzah and Afikoman Covers – beautiful items that will bring a fresh renewed look to any Seder table.

The Ultimate Gift

Agayof of Jerusalem is known for his prestigious products, all meticulously designed and hand crafted. Here is his exclusive steam roller for clearing up the chometz. The perfect show piece.


A gift is a way of wishing people Chag Samayach – a Happy Pesach. So, browse through our selection and find a gift that meets your taste and budge.

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