David Gerstein

David Gerstein is one of Israel’s top artists with an exclusive world-wide reputation. His artworks are displayed in exhibitions, museums, galleries and private homes all over the world and many are already collectors' items.

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David Gerstein - eye-catching, spirited Pop Art

David Gerstein is one of the most well-known and popular Israeli artists. David Gerstein has become a household name, not just in Israel but around the world.

David Gerstein was born in 1944 in Israel and was encouraged from an early age to develop his obvious artistic talent by his parents. David explored his artistic abilities over the years and today is best known for his sculptures, although he also has experience as a painter and illustrator.

David Gerstein travelled all over the world in order to learn at some of the most prestigious art academies. Israeli audiences are simply captivated by his works which are original, authentic and full of vitality. There is often an element of self-irony in the works- a typically Jewish characteristic.

David Gerstein's three-dimensional modern pop art sculptures

Gerstein's pieces captivate viewers due to their rich colors, aesthetic appeal and ability to capture the happiness and na?ve moments in life.

As a child David Gerstein had no toys and through his pieces one gets a sense of him reaching out to the child that remains within us throughout adulthood.

David Gerstein's pieces also manage to captivate people due to their non-critical reflection of Israeli reality. Gerstein incorporates Israeli scenery and imagery that he views on a daily basis. Gerstein consciously focuses on figurative and not conceptual art.

David Gerstein's artistic style: post-pop art

David Gerstein has made a name for himself due to his sculptures. Human figures and urban and rural landscapes are colorfully depicted while retaining autobiographical elements. David Gerstein's contemporary and fresh style is often described as post pop-art.

Gerstein's fabulous pieces fluctuate between low art and high art. Gerstein plays with these borders but his audience's reaction remains unchanged, deriving great satisfaction from his creations.

David Gerstein's pieces can be found in Israeli museums as well as galleries and public places around the world. Today, a large number of his pieces can also be found online.

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