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Honey and Rosh Hashanah

Most Jewish festivals have food customs associated with them and Rosh Hashanah is no exception. One of its most well-known traditions is to dip challah and apple slices into a dish of succulent honey, with a prayer that G-d inscribe us for a sweet new year.

Honey Dishes

Since honey plays such an important role in the festive Rosh Hashanah family meal, you will want a honey dish that will grab everyone's attention. If there are guests, it is advisable to have more than one dish so that the honey will be accessible to all.

At Canaan-Online, you will find a selection of dishes to delight the eye and soul. They are made from a variety of materials, although aluminum with a glass insert is the most popular.

If you are looking for a designer honey dish, consider Dorit Judaica. Her hallmark pomegranate designs are bound to please and will always blend in with the tableware. For a contemporary style, Adi Sidler's honey dishes display his usual sleek minimalistic style. Yealat Chen offers a more elaborate honey dish. Agayof, as always, excels, creating honey dishes that are works of art. Shraga Landesman and Laura Cowan present us with honey dishes that thoughtfully leave space for the apples too.

Non-designer honey dishes are considerably cheaper and are equally attractive. Crystal is currently enjoying a surge in popularity and you will find here a choice of sizes. The shining gleam of the glass will add a glow to the honey.

A Honey Dish Gift

Honey dishes are a meaningful gift to present at any time of the year whether it is for an engagement, wedding or housewarming. If you are a guest for Rosh Hashanah, nothing could be more appropriate for your host than a pretty honey dish. And if nobody is presenting you with a dish, go out and treat yourself!

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