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Over twelve years ago, after acquiring a degree in Design and Interior Architecture, Shahar Peleg founded Peleg Design. His goal - to create products that will give a fresh amusing look to everyday ignored items. Using his knowledge of physics and intuitive understanding of space, his products were an instant success. Whether they stood in the home or the office, they were suffused with humor, encouraging people to see the everyday world with new eyes.


Here are some of the stunningly creative items Peleg has designed and produced over the years… hidden magnets keep slim slender vases upright on the table, amusing figures dress up the computer, an ingenious tic-tac-toe game is played with half pieces and a mirror base, magnetic arrows keep books upright, a bottle holder appears to stand in space, charming figures keep wires straight. One of the most popular items is the magnetic men climbing the wall and holding keys.

Humor, aesthetics and functionality are the three cornerstones of Peleg Design. A product is only marketed when these three elements are present in full measure. You will find Peleg items in galleries and design stores all over the world and many have been awarded prestigious design prizes.


In a world where so much is "have been, have seen, have done," Peleg products come like a breath of fresh air. People are delighted to bring a touch of humor into their homes, to stretch the limits of their curiosity and to look at things differently.


If you are looking for a gift that is useful and entertaining, indulge in a Peleg Design product. Attractive and imaginative, they offer a long-lasting visually exciting experience that will be appreciated and enjoyed.

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