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Showing 1-32 out of 507 items

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Today, with the growth of semi-precious stones, gold fill, crystals and silver, beautiful jewelry is affordable and available to all. Stroll through the Necklace and Pendants category at Canaan Online and treat yourself, or a dear one, to a piece of jewelry that will flatter and make you feel unique.


Canaan-Online offers you a splendid collection of fashion necklaces from Israeli jewelry artists – each one with her individual inspiration and hallmark style. Ester Shahaf, daughter of immigrants, delights us with her dainty Oriental-style pendants, filled with colorful stones and beads. Gal Cohen, thoroughly Israeli, has created an entire collection of youthful pendants that capture the spirit of youth. Edita’s striking necklaces and pendants are sure to impress. Adina Plastelina’s has revived the ancient Millefiori skill and creates exquisite pendants in her studio in Old Yaffo. Nano delights us with minute pendants and even more minute decorative texts. Ever popular are the personalized name necklaces – perfect gift for any milestone event.

Many necklaces and pendants have a Jewish theme. You will find on our website lots of pendants decorated with Stars of David, Menorahs and prayers and Biblical verses. There is a huge selection of Hamsas in all shapes and sizes. Finally, in a world of its own, are the Kabbalah pendants from Golan and Ha’ari world, decorated with letter and word combination that will bring protection and good fortune to the wearer.


Whichever necklace or pendant you choose from Canaan-Online, it will make a flattering statement. It has been created in Israel, land of beauty and harmony. Each piece of jewelry creation reflects the dynamic colors of Israel – the seasons, the land, the people and their limitless spiritual treasures and the dynamics that are an integral feature of Israeli society and culture.

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