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Showing 1-32 out of 691 items

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The Home plays a central role in Jewish life. Many of Judaism’s most meaningful rituals and events take place there. Whether it is the Shabbat, Holidays or daily living, it is within the four walls of the home that Jewish identity is formed.


Jews love to give and receive gifts. It is part of our faith and culture. When in doubt, play safe and buy something for the home. Scroll through our Jewish Home category. You will find a huge choice of items for tableware, wall decoration or personal use. You are sure to find there what suits your taste and pocket.


For tableware, there are salt shakers, serviette holders, trays, vases, fruit bowls, and trivets. Some come with a Jewish flavor – Hebrew wording or traditional blessings in Hebrew or English. Others are an integral feature of the Shabbat table, so your gift will enhance the Shabbat. Others suggestions include charity boxes or decorative matchstick boxes.

For the walls, there are clocks, sculptures, and Hamsa from famous and not-so-famous artists. Dorit Judaica’s blessings make beautiful gifts that are always appreciated. There are blessings for the home, framed pictures, sculptures from famed artists. Of course, the ever-present Hamsa will extend your good wishes for protection from the Evil Eye. The ultimate gift is a Mezuzah Case. Our website offers you a choice of hundreds of cases with a wide variety of material designs and colors.


Whether it is with a sense of taste, smell, sound or sight, the Jewish home speaks to everyone who lives there. Any gift you buy for the home, either traditional or contemporary, will strengthen the beauty of the heritage that a Jewish home transmits to the next generation.

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